American Magazine Center (AMC) was established by Peter Hsu in 1979. Peter has devoted himself to English education and textbook publishing for over 40 years. AMC has received a great deal of recognition from many educators over the years, and our quality of teaching has cultivated strong loyalty from our customers. Our students are preschoolers, elementary students, teenagers, college students and other professionals. The organization has gone from publishing a single magazine to producing three multimedia English learning magazines: English Digest, English 4U, and A+ English. Our learning resources include a variety of textbooks, magazines, radio programs, online textbooks, TV programs, and social media content. In addition, we also develop the AMC Language School franchise. AMC’s online English tutoring department also offers outstanding English learning materials and instruction. Our carefully-designed, interactive online lessons help local students learn everyday English more easily.

▎Management and EFL Material Development

AMC has become one of the best recognized producers of EFL materials in Taiwan. Our editorial staff is well organized, composed of an editor-in-chief, managing editors, native English speaking editors, art editors, graphic designers, and a team of copy editors. Every level of publication is strictly checked. Local editors are all university graduates from the top English language programs and foreign editors are highly qualified native English speakers. The curriculum of our EFL programs meets the standard of the current North American usage of the English language.

■ Bridging Local and International Culture

You will find that whether you take the class online or read the EFL magazines, the contents and subject matter always include elements of both the eastern and western culture. Besides learning about western cultures, students also learn how to explain and express opinions on the topics of their own culture in English. This allows them to introduce their own culture to people around the world, preparing them for person-to-person English communication.

■ Online Programs and App

The online programs and the app that accompany the three magazines published by AMC have impressive functions. We have a QR code on every page for better accessibility and an app to learn English on the go. Our YouTube channels have video lessons from the magazines.

■ Educational Online Programs: Learning in an entertaining way

AMC’s unique online instructional programs differ from the inflexible teaching techniques that are generally being implemented throughout the market. Aside from the fact that these programs use carefully-designed EFL curriculum and lessons, they are also incredibly entertaining. Among the professional TV production team, we have William Mou—three-time Golden Bell Award for best sound effects winner—as our producer. The media production work of AMC certainly does stand out among its competitors.

■ Book Series

AMC has published book series and mock tests for a wide range of learners of different English capabilities. Reading Highlights, Building Blocks of English Vocabulary, Everyday English for Life and Work, Miao Miao GSAT mock tests, and others are among the most successful book series the corporation has to offer. We’ve also worked together with learning app companies, such as WORDUP, as a content provider. Other than that, AMC collaborated with the Tainan government on a Tainan travel guide, titled Tainan: Enchant Your Life, which was published in 2017.

■ AMC online learning

The AMC online learning offers a diverse range of curriculum choices, including magazine courses, business English, travel English, TOEIC, GEPT, children's English, world literature, writing class, and pronunciation course to cater to all levels students with different learning needs. All AMC tutors are professionally trained experts to help students master the language of English through preparation, guidance, and engagement in class. Moreover, students’ progress is closely monitored by the advisors, tutors, and teaching supervisors to ensure they are on the right path to reach their ultimate learning goals.

■ The AMC Language School Franchise

The Center of Elementary English Education employs the most skilled and proficient professionals in children’s education. We provide interested parties with a franchising opportunity with ongoing services. Other than the traditional EFL materials focused on grammar rules for elementary English learning, we apply communicative approach when designing the materials, focusing on improving students’ communicative competence and language use. Furthermore, we have designed GEPT courses and an on-line GEPT testing system for elementary learners. The publishing team includes professionals specifically trained to do research on elementary English learning and the creation of test modules. Our goal is not only to help young learners achieve competence in spoken and written English, but also to give them the confidence to reach the world.

■ Forty Years of Experience in English Language Instruction

Our AMC Language Schools are backed up by our forty years of researching and developing English language learning materials. AMC welcomes those who want to start their own elementary language institutions to become a part of our franchise system. Furthermore, we can provide more opportunities with our multimedia learning channels and regular advertising to increase brand awareness. This will attract more clients to your franchise and increase profits. At AMC, we value pre-job and on-the-job training. We continually research ways to improve franchise management, and provide a series of professional training programs for the executives and department management, along with teachers and front-desk staff. In addition, we also provide support for educational administration, class affairs administration, financial management, EFL teacher recruitment, and marketing skills.

The Center of Elementary English Education treats all of our franchises as members of our family. Together we are creating a successful business and improving the education of our next generation. In a world that values excellence, this allows professionals to conscientiously and compassionately pursue their passion for education.