American Magazine Center (AMC) was established by Peter Hsu in 1979.Peter has indulged himself in English education and textbook publishing for over 40 years. AMC has received much recognition from many educators over the years, and our teaching quality has cultivated a strong loyalty with our customers. Our students are comprised of preschoolers, elementary students, teenagers, and business people. The organization has development from a single magazine publication to three multimedia English teaching magazines: English Digest, English 4U, and A+ English. Our learning resources have grown from written textbooks and magazines to radios, e-books, TV programs, commercials, English cram schools, and social media engagement. Incorporated with technology, AMC’s online English teaching department, AMC online, also offers outstanding English learning materials and instruction. AMC online’s well-designed, customized, and interactive lessons help students learn real English more easily.


AMC stands out from the other producers of English-teaching materials in Taiwan. Our editorial staff is strictly organized, composed of an editor-in-chief, chief editors, foreign editors, art directors, graphic designers, and a team of copy editors checking every level of publication. Local employees are all proficient graduates of top English language programs and foreign editors are native English-speaking scholars from North America. As a result, the magazine’s curriculum meets the standard of the current North American usage of the English language. Furthermore, the magazine has hired several well-known professors of English as language consultants and writers to ensure the top quality of the publications.

■ Bridging Chinese and Western Culture

You’ll find that whether you study the lessons online or directly from the magazine, the contents and subject matter always maintain elements of both the East and the West. Besides learning about Western cultures, students also learn how to explain and express opinions on the topics of our own country and other Eastern cultures in English. This allows them to introduce our own culture to foreigners, preparing them for person-to-person English communication.

■ Interactive e-books and DVD-ROMs

The DVD-ROM and e-book that accompany the three magazines published by AMC have impressive interactive functions, such as role-playing, recording, recital, explanation, and GEPT tests, enabling students to improve listening and speaking ability without the need for private English tutors.

■ Educational Television Programs: teaching by entertaining

AMC’s unique instructional television programs differ from the inflexible teaching methods that are generally being implemented throughout the market. Aside from the fact that these programs contain professional language curriculum and language lessons, they are also incredibly entertaining. Among the professional TV production team, we have William Mou—three-time Golden Bell Award for best sound effects winner—as our producer. The media production work of AMC certainly does stand out among its competitors.

■ Book Series

AMC has also published different book series for many different languages. USA Today, GEPT Test (elementary/ intermediate), The Basics of Writing, Building Vocabulary and others are among the many successful book series the corporation has to offer. The company has also created audio book series for foreign languages available in Japanese, German, Russian, Spanish, French, and Turkish.

■ USA Today -- American On-site Filming

AMC has invested NT$ 30 million in the production of this project. Designed by American experts and Taiwanese scholars and produced by a superior movie production crew, these English-teaching videos are excellent sources for deeper understanding of a wide range of vocabulary, phrases, and sentence structures from elementary through high-intermediate levels. Explanations are presented by celebrity teacher Jeff in Dreamworks’ virtual studio. With enjoyable teaching methods, students learn all the vocabulary, phrases, and sentence structures as fast as they can—before they are even conscious of it!

■ AMC e-Learning School

The AMC e-Learning Curriculum System covers a diverse range of curriculum choices, including Thematic Interactive Curriculum System, Stimulated GEPT Testing System, Pronunciation Interactive Curriculum System, Vocabulary Interactive Curriculum System, Supplementary Teaching Interactive Curriculum System, and Multimedia Grammar Interactive Curriculum System. The Interactive Learning Platform of the Curriculum System covers the learning curriculum, practices, testing and evaluations, catering to the students’ needs. On the other hand, to supplement the needs of the teachers, there are the student’s learning procedure perception tool, evaluation result viewing system, and the grade ranking system, living up to the principles of teaching.

Professional Franchise of Language Schools and Institutions
■ Invitation to join the AMC Franchise

The Development Center for Elementary English Education headquarters has gathered the most skilled and proficient professionals of children’s education. We provide interested parties with a brand-new franchising and service opportunity. Other than the expected school materials such as listening, speaking, reading and writing for elementary English teaching, AMC has designed special GEPT courses and an on-line GEPT center for elementary learners. Furthermore, the publishing team includes professionals specifically trained to do research on elementary English teaching and test modules. Our goal is not only to help children achieve competence in spoken and written English, but also to give them the confidence to speak and use English.

Thirty Years of Experience in English Language Instruction

Our Franchise of Language Schools and Institutions are backed up by our thirty years of researching and developing English language teaching materials. AMC welcomes those who want to start their own elementary language institutions to join our franchise. Furthermore, we can provide you with more opportunities with our multimedia learning channels and regular advertising for promotion. This will create a profitable advantage for your franchise. What AMC franchise headquarters values most is pre-job and on-the-job training. We continually research ways to improve franchise management know-how, and provide a series of professional training programs for executive and department management, along with qualified teachers, and front-desk employees. On top of this, AMC also provides support for educational administration, class affairs administration, financial management, recruitment, and marketing skills.

AMC’s Development Center for Elementary English Education treats all of our franchises as members of our family. Together we can create a wonderful business and cherish the education of our next generation. In our world of achieving excellence, this allows professionals to conscientiously and compassionately complete their professional endeavors.